Edinburgh Castle

Spending a few days in Edinburgh meant I had to go and take a quick trip to the castle to take a photo of it. This happened on the Sunday; after nice fry up failed to clear my semi-hangover I decided to go for a nice long walk starting with Holyrood Park and a walk up Arthur’s Seat (oh er missus) and then ending at the castle.

I had to wait a while for this shot as there were a group of people stood at the corner of this wall where you see the fence in the middle of the frame and they seemed to be happy just to stand around chatting to each other for an age. Eventually they moved away and I grabbed this shot.

On my trip to Edinburgh I only had the Sony NEX-7 as I wasn’t going to be doing much photography there. I love the fact this camera is so light and small and so it can just fit into any bag that I’m carrying around.