Castle Gates

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend in Edinburgh.

On the train journey back to London I decided to import the photos I took on the trip; and so here is the first one, which is of the gates that lead into Edinburgh Castle.

I had a little time on the Sunday to walk around and the castle was one of the obvious places on the visit list in case there were any nice shots to be taken. On the way out I liked the dark shadows of the arched passageway and how the light was shining on the doors. I did not like the influx of visitors who were using this, the only entry/exit to the castle.

So I spent some time waiting, firing off shots as people walked past – hoping to maybe get a decent silhouette or two from people (which never happened as they all parted to the sidelines of the shot when they saw I was there with a camera.

Here’s the shot I ended up working on.

Castle Gates - base image

Once I had the base image I put it into photoshop and blew out the archway to offer just a white light; then this was taken into Perfect Effects where I added a CyberCool filter (if that’s what it’s called), plus an Urban Sickness filter at around 20% opacity to get the greenish tint.