This is a bit like what it looks like in London today. Except for the church…and the hills. That blanket of mist however, that’s what we do have right now.

This is another image from the beautiful Iceland, somewhere I definitely need to return to when I can hope for better weather. It’s difficult when planning a photography trip because you spend a lot of time planning, preparing and booking things in advance to make sure you can a) get them and b) get them at a reasonable price, yet you are then completely reliant on the weather.

Well, not completely I guess. You can embrace whatever weather comes at you are put a photographic spin on it; but for me somewhere like Iceland would be a little better if we actually saw a sunset/sunrise or had a nice blue hour.

Anyway, there were plenty of these gorgeous little churches over there. The architect really did a good job and then thought to himself ‘I designed it, people like it, let’s run with it’. They do make for a good photo though, and love that on my particular trip they were mostly surrounded by mountains and low hanging clouds.

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