Here’s another shot from Jose Rizal bridge in Seattle where I was shooting with Scott Wood last month. At night and with a long exposure it’s hard to get an shot of the cars on the highway that conveys movement but don’t have all of the headlights blown out. At least, it’s something I found difficult; I think this is why I went for a processing approach that dialled down most of the colours.

I haven’t had the chance to process many images lately…or at least, I’ve been too lazy to do so on the times that I do have spare. I’m going away this weekend so that will involve a few train journeys of length, so I may end up processing on some of those – or I’ll just end up watching movies…one or the other.

3 thoughts on “Flow”

  1. While I don’t mind some blown out highlights when shooting traffic, I like what you did with this one. It really makes this image stand out from the crowd of other shots from the bridge. I only have one question, where is the helicopter?

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