Southwark Cathedral by night

It’s still amazing to me what you can see from a relative low rooftop in London.

Sure, the foreground of this image has the lovely Southwark Cathedral and a train about to enter London Bridge station, but check out what you can see towards the horizon. You’ve got recognizable features such as Battersea Power Station, Houses of Parliament and the London Eye; you also have a couple of interesting focal points, which are unknown items to me, that are the glow of a white light in the distance and, to the left of that, some sort of light motion which has been captured. If I were closer to it I would suggest it’s a jet of steam coming from the top of the building, but at that distance and with that luminosity I’m not so sure.

Also, this was the ‘boring’ side of the rooftop, with lovely views offered from the other vantage points.

2 thoughts on “Southwark Cathedral by night”

  1. What a fantastic shot, Mike! I love looking at your roof-top shots of London as I try to work out what I remember and what has changed over the last dozen years or so.

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