It’s getting dark early in the evening, the nights are getting colder, and the wintry winds are picking up. Autumn, such a lovely season, seems to be heading into a quick descent into winter.

When it gets dark earlier it allows you to skulk around in the shadows and do a little urbex at reasonable times rather than having to wait until stupid o’clock. That’s a good thing.

The wintry winds and general weather, however, can always be a show stopper when attempting to go up a rooftop.

Such is what happened recently on one particular jaunt. The sky was pretty awesome with fast moving clouds allowing for nice long exposures. However the 30mph winds did nothing for the steadiness of the camera, and bit into any skin that was exposed.

We ended up sinking lower into the building instead, mostly to take cover and see if the weather would ease off after a little while, but also to see if there were any interesting subjects to shoot. I really quite liked how this switch was just hanging loosely and casting a shadow on the nearby pillar. I set the aperture at 2.8 to also maximise the depth of field.

Sometimes you will go to a location expecting a particular thing, on this occasion a view over London, but find that you’re not able to shoot what it is you wanted to. There’s usually something else on a scene that you will find of interest though, so keep looking.

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