Four More Years

Last night I figured I would work on an image from my time in DC, and as none of my shots of an Obama lookalike who was speaking at one of my work events came out I opted instead for this one of The White House.

I had to work quite a lot on this image. In the scene was a boring grey sky on quite a calm day, and there was also a tree covering up most of the left hand side of the frame. I ended up removing the tree, replacing the sky from one shot I had taken in London earlier this year, and also adding a different flag as the one now in shot was blowing in the wind slightly – whereas my original image had it just drooping straight down.

After the cloning and repairing was all done I ran the image through Perfect B&W by OnOneSoftware which gave it this lack of colour and the additional frame.

I’m quite pleased with the end result…and I hope you are too. I don’t just mean of this image either.

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