Seattle Light Trails

I made a very brief trip to Seattle recently for work. Although it was very much a working trip, I was able to get time to myself for taking photos, and packed quite a lot into the trip.

After a day-meeting on the Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Scott Wood, whose work I have been following and enjoying for some time, for dinner and a few beers. Scott then kindly drove me out to the Jose Rizal Bridge to get a view of the skyline and some light trails from the interstate below.

Thanks to Seattle mayor Paul Schell’s attempts to light the bridge up for the Seattle Millennium Project, this bridge is lit by several extremely bright floodlights. Thanks Paul!
I ended up having to stand with an umbrella attempting to block out the light flare at one point.

This image was taken with the 8-15mm fisheye that I had rented for the trip. I managed to manoeuvre the tripod so the camera was extended out from the bridge a little bit, thus getting some of the bridge in the shot as well. Scott was busy taking images such as ‘Taking off over Seattle‘ at the time I was doing this.

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Light Trails”

  1. LOVE the fisheye on this shot Michael! Also really like the light trails and how they play off of the skyline and dark sky! Really well done! That Scott’s an alright dude!

  2. Love it. It was a real treat being able to meet up and shoot a little, I have been admiring your work for a long time. As for the bridge, one benefit to those flood lights up there is that it adds a nice amount of detail to the railing in your image. In this image, that works quite well.

    1. Thanks Scott; hope that next time I’m there I’ll have more time to shoot – and be able to see the likes of Mt Rainier 🙂

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