Toronto Skyline at Sunset

Visiting Toronto recently I finished up my work around midday on the Thursday and, after swapping hotels from the corporate one to something a little nicer, headed straight outside to get some photos. I had recommendations from a few different people on where to go and take images, and was pretty happy to wander around the streets waiting for something to catch my eye. I hadn’t put much pre-thought into heading out to the islands just south of the city, until during the week when a colleague mentioned he wanted to go, but wasn’t able to get to the island he wanted due to the ferry winter schedule. For some reason that sparked something in my mind of wanting to get there.

I had been wandered around the Distillery District, one of the places that Edith suggested I should check out, and was walking down to the harbour to check out the boat situation when the rain started. Arriving at the boats a little damp I found that one of the ferry services was still running over to Ward’s island so I figured heading over to there would be a start, and then I could go from there.

After waiting an age I jumped on the ferry and took the pleasant journey across to Ward’s. Getting off the boat I saw a few sights I wanted to shoot, namely a boat on a sandy beach with Toronto in the background. A couple of other photographers had come across on the boat also so, hoping they were local and would know the lay of the land, I had a quick chat to find out the best spots they could tell me about. Alas, there were not local and had also just jumped on the ferry to see the sights. Opting to stay in the area where the ferry was I bid them fairwell and starting walking – my plan was to get as far as I could before I either get a nice skyline or the nice light hits me…at least it had stopped raining by this point – well, mostly.

I walked for around 30 minutes and found a promising spot in a completely deserted area. I imagine in the summer the area I was in would be full of people, but on this wet and soon to be dark night I had the place to myself. Working my way to the water I found a few potential spots before finding a small beached area which would offer a little foreground interest. I had neglected to wear my hiking boots, which is a shame, as walking over a few rocks and some green sinking sand did nothing for the shoes I was wearing.

After setting up I was hoping to get some nice blue light, with the weather as it was I didn’t expect much else. However, 20 minute after being there I noticed a golden light hit the buildings. It continued, and got a little brighter, and then the sky colour changed; more golden light, some pinks and blues. It was stunningly beautiful. Knowing it wouldn’t last too long I snapped away at it, changed lenses a few times and tried to make the most of it. For some reason I felt inclined to turn to my right, away from the sun I had been shooting at and saw a rainbow which was gorgeous. This, along with a swan in the water, made for such an awesome sight.

All too soon it ended and the grey came back. 10 minutes later I was packing up my gear as the rain came in, and making a mad dash the way I had come to grab the next ferry, which I missed by all of 2 minutes. I spent the next hour sat waiting for the next ferry, rain falling all around me and the night turning black; but I had seen one of the best sunsets I had seen in a long time, and feel very lucky that I was able to see such a sight on a night that had started out with little intention of being a promising one.

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  1. This is one of your best shots and one of the best I’ve ever seen of the Toronto skyline, or any skyline for that matter.

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