Sunny Peak

Another image from Iceland today, but I can’t tell you too much about it as I have absolutely no idea where I was when I took it (other than the fact I was in Iceland, I’m sure of that much).

I processed this shot while on the flight from London to Seattle. This is the reason I love having a MacBook in place of a PC. The fact I have something that is light enough to travel with, yet powerful enough to be able to handle all of the processing software is just wonderful. I stuck a film or two (Men in Black III and The Amazing Spider Man) onto the small TV screen in the seat, and then just went to work on processing a few of my Iceland shots. It was good fun, though I must admit I’m not too used to using the track pad for it rather than a mouse, and there simply wasn’t enough room to use a mouse (unless I had used the leg of my fellow passenger as the mouse pad, but I’m doubtful she would have enjoyed that).

I’ve taken this afternoon off work in case my jetlag kicks in…I find it odd it hasn’t yet. Should I remain fresh I’ll hopefully be processing some images from my Seattle and Toronto trips 🙂

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