Ice Beach

Jökulsarlon in Iceland has a nice black sand beach where you will regularly see large deposits of ice which flows down river and remains on the shore. It certainly seemed to be a pretty popular tourist spot with visitors there both day and night during our two visits to this location.

As I was walking along the beach I saw this nice little block standing there and thought it would be nice to get a shot of it with the bridge in the background, as the other way you would see nothing of real interest, plus lots of people. Unfortunately I had just been walking down the beach between the bridge and the ice so you can see my footprints leading up to this spot. I didn’t want footprints, so after taking a few brackets I repositioned the ice (which was heavier than I had imagined) so that I could take a few more shots without the footprints.

In the end it turns out that the footprints worked slightly better after all, so kept my first shots – as is often the case.

One thought on “Ice Beach”

  1. OK, I can’t imagine seeing ice on a beach – that is pretty interesting! I like the frame with the bridge in the background – good sense of place! Nicely done Murph!

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