Cloud Appreciation
As mentioned in my previous post this week, I spent the weekend on the South Coast with a few friends; it was the perfect (and last) chance to get away from London and relax before a busy period at work, and one that was very much enjoyed amongst friends I don’t get to see too often. The amount of time spent between seeing them really does make you realize how quickly kids grow up.

We were lucky with the weather and what had been predicted as rain decided to hold off for us so we could take a nice walk along the cliffs with a little sun and some lovely cloud formations. I noticed this group of girls standing near the cliff edge, checking out the sights and having fun – I loved that they were in silhouette form and grabbed a few shots as we walked past them.

Paying no attention whatsoever I composed them in the center of the frame; something I didn’t even notice as I was taking the image. It was only when I came to processing that I noticed this, and cropped the image to make a slightly better composition.

I guess when I was switching my brain off from work mode I switched it off from photographer mode also.

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