Small Shoes

This weekend I went to the south coast with some friends, and a lovely time was had by all. We took a short walk over the cliffs of Beachy Head (yes, yes, not literally over the edge) and also spent a little time on the pebble beach at Birling Gap.

These are the tiny tiny shoes belonging to one of our party, and yes I may have tiny feet but they are not mine. The socks do look identical to the ones that I was wearing though.

I’m going to be away for some time from tomorrow onwards as I travel to Seattle and Toronto; 90% work, 10% pleasure. Though I fully intend to be able to maintain one photo per day I don’t think I’ll be able to post them to Flickr/Google+ or interact as much as usual. Seeing as how ‘usual’ is at about 5% of what everyone else manages to do I’m sure my lack of interaction will not be noted nor mourned.