Gathering Moss

We make another trip back to Iceland today for this image, and it’s one of the first that I shot while on that trip. After getting in the van and stocking up on food we headed to the South West coast of the island where we were to try and find a ruinous lighthouse. On the way we spotted some thermal activity and decided to take a detour to look at it up close.

Though this image looks nice and serene, behind me there is lots of water gushing out of a pipe, boiling hot and smelling like eggs. The water had cooled off a lot by the time it reached this part of the beach, but was still a little more than tepid, lovely though.

It was taken shortly before 10pm, the sun is still reasonably high in the sky and it would be another hour and a half before the ‘sunset’ was to take place.

Hope everyone had a good weekend; I had a lovely relaxing one by the coast – which I enjoyed very much in the run up to a few busy weeks ahead.