Kaleidoscope on Brick

50 points for anyone who knows where this is without reading the rest of the post…

Still 50 points if I admit that I took it while on my trip to New York.


Well, this shot was taken from within the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island. After entering the museum and starting the tour you head up a couple of flights of stairs which, we are told, is the first test for an immigrant as it assess their health somewhat and can determine if they are too unfit to proceed; the immigrants were marked with chalk letters which represented various ailments they may have. Once in the great hall they would wait to be called up to the inspection desks for processing, some continuing on through a door to their families, others having to hop back on the first boat out of town.

I can imagine a lot of the waiting immigrants looking upwards and praying, but doubt any of them paid attention to the ceiling and light that you see within this image.

It’s a pretty interesting place and if you have half a day to spare when in New York I would certainly recommend that you go and do the tour.