When in Washington DC I stopped by the White House a few times. I say ‘stopped by’, but it’s not as if I was invited in for tea or anything. The closest I got to Obama was when a look-alike gave a presentation at one of the events I was at. No, I ‘stopped by’ meaning I stood outside the fence and peered at the building from afar like all of the other tourists. I took a few shots, but they are for another day.

Very near to where I stood looking through the fence I found this hydrant.

Fun fact – it’s pretty difficult to write an interesting blog post about a hydrant.

As soon as I started to process this shot I knew that it would only really work in black and white, so I used a few filters in ColorEfex and PerfectEffects to boost up the contrast and such so that it would pop a bit when turned to black and white. I also had to do a lot of correction of the lines as the street was pretty slanted and looked funny.

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