A path of no return

This scene was taken at 3am in Iceland. Just look at the light available at that time!

I have to admit I walked this lonely wooden path. It took me through a lot of sulphuric mounds and up to a viewing platform. I returned from it okay…apart from the smell of rotten eggs up my nose…and so the title of this post is a little misleading. However, I do feel you can look at this shot and imagine the path leading on into the unknown – so I ran with that.

I took another of these shots in a self portrait style with my hooded character; however as I wasn’t wearing my hoodie the Berghaus coverall simply didn’t have the desired effect so I opted to process the set of brackets without me in them; the sulphuric steam was also much better in this one with a more even spread.

Over the weekend I processed a few images to try and build up a bank of them in preparation for my trips away. Out of my desired 16 images I processed 8, so halfway there, and I’ve enjoyed going back in to some of the Icelandic ones from earlier this year.

One thought on “A path of no return”

  1. Nice composition, Mike, with everything pointing to the viewing platform in the background, not just the obvious leading line of the path itself. The steam from the sulphur adds an air of mystery to the whole image.

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