If you want a nice long corridor in the underground with nobody in it, then the best times to shoot on the London tube network is either late at night or early in the morning. I’m not a morning person, so really only do the late night shots, but as it’s all underground the time of day is pretty irrelevant.

I arrived at Bank station on Thursday night after a drink in Canary Wharf and found that there were no more trains leaving the station, so I would have a nice long bus journey home instead. The station had very few people in it and was shutting up shop, which gave a perfect opportunity to take a few images without hoards of people in them…but the question was where to take a few interesting shots.

None of the corridors we were walking down were of much interest, so I pulled open one of the gates blocking one of the many paths from one platform or exit to another so that I could take a few shots; it was a twisty corridor and though nice when empty it was nothing special.

Then I moved on to a second gate and found myself staring down this nice long and straight tunnel. The gates had been closed, but not locked (I guess having them there is a deterrent enough for people not to open and go through them so no need to lock them up), so I knew that there would be nobody walking down it so could go ahead and take my shot. Of course there is CCTV in the tube network so it didn’t take long for someone to come down and move us on, especially as John and Jay were using their tripods down there.

As the trip to Canary Wharf had not been planned for I only had my Sony NEX-7 with me, so that’s what was used to take this shot. I was also very drunk so had managed to boost the ISO up to 1600 and introduce a lot of noise into the shot. I’m not a fan of this camera in low light conditions without a tripod; at least with the DSLRs there is weight behind them to make them steady.

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    1. Thanks Edith – the tube does have a very nice sci-fi feel to it sometimes; for such an old system there are several stations that have futuristic features in the design.

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