Holding back the flood

After Open House and a much needed pint on Saturday, Conor, Jay, John and I were at a loss of what to do. We casually walked around a couple of the scaffolded buildings around Liverpool St, wondering which ones would be easy to climb later in the night, before making the decision to simply head out to the Thames Barrier for sunset.

It was a simply stunning sunset…somewhere in the world. Alas, London was not that place and what had started out with potential suddenly faded away into nothing.

I always think of these barriers as being a recent build in London, but having been completed in 1984 that’s not quite true. Since time of completion I understand it has been used less than 150 times, so getting a shot from this spot while the gates are closed would be pretty unlikely – especially as the water being stopped would be completely covering the place I am standing to take this shot.

I don’t think I’ll be heading back out to this location in a hurry, but it was nice to see it from this side of the river when I hadn’t done so before.

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