Lloyd's of London

On the first morning of Open House weekend I stood in the line to see Lloyd’s along with a few of my fellow photographer friends. 45 minutes or so later they were opening their doors early and we were heading inside to the great Underwriting Room where this image was taken. In front of me were the escalators which transport people from floor to floor, all covered by a large glass ceiling where the light shines through.

Immediately behind me, but out of view, was the lovely Lutine Bell which used to ring when any ships were late to arrive at port and it was unclear what had happened to them. Once their status was known they would ring the bell once if the ship had sunk, and twice if it was safe. The purpose of this was something to do with the stopping selling of reinsurance on that vessel. Now, we were told, it only rings when there it’s Remembrance Day or a major world event (one ring), or when there is a distinguished guest visiting the premises (two rings).

I was unable to convince them that I was distinguished enough to warrant a ring.

For this image, aiming for such a high angle meant I could cut the masses of people out of most of the shot, but you can still see a few people in the lower corners. I used a fisheye lens, and as it was my 8mm Samyang on a full frame body I had to crop 40% of the image out to get rid of the black noise border that came with it.

I quite liked this building and would certainly suggest popping in there during the next Open House if you have the time.