This is one of the many escalators to be found within the Lloyd’s of London building, my first stop during Open House weekend. Arriving at 9am for a 10am opening I waited in the queue with John, Ollie and Jay for a while, the doors opened early and we were in. It’s a pretty cool building, both interior and exterior, and I admit this shot does not do it justice – I’ll write up a bit more about the building in a future post. This is one of the many escalators that run through the interior of the building linking the open plan underwriting floors. There are also a nice set of glass lifts which take you between the floors and offer a great view out on London; something Conor had pleasure in watching us do from his spot in the queue which was still outside :).

This image is an individual exposure taken with the Sony NEX-7. I ran it through a few filters in both Perfect Effects by OnOneSoftware and ColorEfex by NikSoftware, yet did so in a way that eliminates pretty much all of the colour from it. Though the escalator was moving it was not in use, cordoned off with rope, which allowed me to get this image without causing a pile-up of Open House visitors.

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