Skipping Shadows

Kids can make a game out of anything, and on a lovely sunny day in London all this child needed was a shadow or two and then the games could begin.

Timing is everything in a shot like this, and I had that and a little luck on my side. I had intended on shooting just this wheelchair bound man who was casting a great shadow on the ground. The area was full of people and he was moving away from me so I knew that I didn’t have too much time to act. I fired off one shot which I didn’t really like compositionally before going in for this shot – and I could see in my peripherals that the girl was moving into the scene and my opportunity was about to be lost. And so I fired off another quick one to grab it before she entered the main part of the scene and ruined my image.

Ah yes, I have the camera set to a two second countdown. Darn.

Her jump coincided beautifully with the shutter going off, and to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to grab this shot if I had tried.

Have a good weekend everyone.

One thought on “Skipping Shadows”

  1. This has come out so well, even if it was an accident. I love simple action shots like this, nothing planned or posed about it at all. Sxx

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