Open House London

This weekend sees the return of Open House London, where many buildings normally closed to the public open their doors and let in the riff-raff like me to gaze at the architecture or from the whatever-storey-windows. Sometimes it’s great to learn a little bit about the history of the place, at other times I just want the photo opportunity.

Within the shot above you can see 3 of the more popular buildings that take part in this event. First up you have Heron Tower on the left of the frame. The only way you can access this is via pre-booking which was a complete and utter farce this year, I did not get tickets. Though the building itself is pretty impressive, hosts a super large aquarium and some funky speedy open glass lifts – the whole reason for going here it to get as high as possible and enjoy the view. I’ve previously been up on top of this building so don’t mind about missing out on this one over this weekend. Here’s the view from the top from a previous post:
View from Heron Tower

The second of the popular buildings is the 30 St Mary Axe – which most people know as the ‘Gherkin’. Designed by Foster this is one of the more iconic buildings in London which most people instantly recognise. I haven’t had the fortune to go in there yet, but am hoping to do so on Sunday – again I’m simply hoping to get as high as possible and enjoy a nice view from the top.

The third one, which you only see a glimpse of here, is the Lloyd’s of London building. People often say it’s inside out, it’s an odd but beautiful structure from the outside for sure. This one I want to see just so I know what is on the inside, and to see if it’s as interesting as the external is.

If you’re in or around London then there are hundreds of places you can visit, so do try and view some of them where you can. Here’s a sample of shots I’ve taken from previous Open House locations:

From the TFL Headquarters:

From the London Library:
London Library

From Broadgate Tower:
Broadgate Tower Internal

View from Broadgate Tower