Emirates Air Line View

There are plenty of classic London views that are already out there. Houses of Parliament from the south side of Westminster Bridge or London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge, British Museum from their viewing window, City Hall from the Scoop – etc etc.

Well, here’s another one that can be added to the list as I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of it over the next few years.

The Emirates Air Line is a new cable car service which runs from North Greenwich Peninsula to Royal Victoria Docks – so essentially from the O2 arena to the ExCeL Center. For the time it takes and the cost involved it is essentially a tourist attraction, though they are selling it as a viable form of commute.

This Sunday I took the opportunity to head out there and check it out for myself; and it was a pretty cool ride with some nice views…it’s one of the only cable cars I think I would want to be stuck in…assuming it stopped at the top of the ride with the clear view across.

If you’re making just one journey and you want to ensure there are no cable cars going in between you and the city view, then travel from the South of the river to the North. If you want the opportunity to include other cable cars in your view, then travel North to South.

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