Tate Modern

Well, I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did, though perhaps a more relaxed one as I’m pretty tired after mine.

Friday night started with an impromptu drink with Jim Nix who landed in London and decided to see the British Museum as the first port of call. Coincidentally I work right beside the museum so though I wasn’t able to go out taking photos (my gear was at home) I did enjoy a swift pint – or two – before heading out to play poker. So that was a late night.

The next morning was household stuff before heading out to meet up with Jim for a few hours, walking down the Thames and heading towards Westminster where we grabbed another few swift pints and then went on a photowalk that Jim had organised. Also with us, in alphabetic order, were Andrew, Annabelle, Chris, Conor, Dale, Debbie, James (M), James (P), Jimmy, Jo, John, Laura, Mike, Ollie, Simon and Tam. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill these links in as I get to know the correct URLs from people.

I admit I didn’t take many photos on this walk, but it was nice just to chat to everyone really. As with most of our photowalks this one ended up in the pub for a few more pints before getting home at which point I answered a few emails and crawled into bed at around 1.30 or 2am.

Sunday morning I was up nice and early and left the house at 8.30 to grab some breakfast before meeting up with Jim again. We went to the new cable car running over the Thames first, followed by a quick walk around Greenwich and through the Greenwich foot tunnel, a whirlwind tour around Canary Wharf, and then we headed over to the Natural History Museum to look at the stunning architecture on offer there.

We were pretty tired by the time that was all done, and so we retired back to another pub near Embankment where we met up with John and his wife to quietly finish off the day.

It was a great weekend, and I enjoyed getting out there and seeing several things that were new to me, even as a Londoner. Thanks to all of those who turned up for the photowalk, and of course to Jim for organising it.

Today’s image is from the Saturday afternoon; we dropped into the Tate Modern and headed to the 3rd floor balcony for a slightly elevated view and I liked the lines that were in this image as I looked upwards.

6 thoughts on “Tate Modern”

  1. Hey Mike great summary, great shooting with you and thanks for taking the time to hang out. I enjoyed it immensely, and it was fun to see parts of London I would probably never get to on my own. Thanks again mate!

    1. No problem Jim – I had a great time. It was good to catch up, and get out there shooting – it’s been too long.

  2. I helped build that many years ago. I wish I had an interest in photography back then. I worked on the top floor. It had no walls, and a stunning view. Never mind.

    Very cool shot Michael

    1. I have been to many places where I now wish I had been into photography, but at least I can go back to those places – awesome job but a pity it really was just a once in a lifetime thing. I know a guy who worked on the British Museum roof, and I bet he had some pretty cool views as well.

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