The Sun Sets on the Olympic Park

Tourist places emptier than usual, buses and tubes where normally you would need to stand with plenty of seats available, a relaxed and jubilant atmosphere. The Olympics were great while they lasted.

However, the sun has now set on them – in London at least. Coincidentally, my week long set of images from the Olympic Park has also come to an end.

As I admitted previously, I was one of the sceptics when London was awarded the games for 2012. I was foolish, and though I have a love affair with the city I felt she was taking on a little more than she could cope with. With so many other interests and things populating her time, I thought the addition of a world event such as this would be the breaking point, that she would finally crack and all of the flaws that she hides so well would suddenly be exposed.

I underestimated her.

She handled it beautifully and did herself proud.

Thank you London.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Sets on the Olympic Park”

  1. Great closing shot of your Olympic week theme, I like the clear details of the Olympic park with the soft colours of the clouds 😉

    1. Cheers Steve…hopefully I’ll have a few more from this place to put up some time in the future, but I enjoyed basing a week long set of images on it.

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