A Pyramid Scene

Today’s image from the Olympic Park is a glimpse of the Basketball Arena. The arena itself was fenced off, I assume to make access to it for ticket holders easier to manage without people sneaking in. As such we were only able to take shots over, or peeking through, the fence itself.

It’s another interesting piece of architecture with some nice curves and shadows. I did have another view which shows more of it but still in the pyramid type form, but the clouds at this time of day were superb, whereas they had moved a little out of the way by the time we returned here at dusk.

For processing I ran three brackets through Photomatix and then took the image into CS6 where I needed to do a little warping and cropping to get everything aligned as needed. I used ColorEfex to add quite a bit of contrast before using a couple of the Perfect Effects filters (though I forget which ones). I had way too much colour in there, but the image didn’t look quite right in black and white, so I used a light blue colorized filter but about 50% opacity to finish it off.

2 thoughts on “A Pyramid Scene”

  1. It’s being packed up and couriered to Rio for their Olympics in four years, you’ll have to head over and see if you can get more shots as good as this one ;o) Sxx

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