The Velodrome

Continuing on with a set of Olympic Park images, today we see the Velodrome which is where the indoor cycling events took place. All of the necessary events housed here had finished by the time I got to the park so it was pretty quite around this area, though it would have been nice if they had opened the doors to let visitors wander in and see it from the inside while it wasn’t in actual use.

It was near here that we decide to eat…which unfortunately meant being in the wrong location for the sunset which was a beautiful red and orange sky, the contrails you see here remained in place until nightfall. As I’m sure you’re aware, branding in the Olympic Park was something of a hot topic during the organisation of the games with only those who are sponsoring the event being allowed to show their brands. McDonalds was the main food place that I saw as they had built a restaurant within the park itself. However there was still plenty of alternative options, I just don’t have a clue if they were brands that were in stealth mode or not. I had a lovely chilli beef taco from one stall named simply as ‘Mexican’. John had the watery dregs of a salt beef sandwich, from the aptly named ‘Salt Beef’ stand.


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