This is Orbit.

It is wonderful.

It may not look wonderful, but then first impressions can be misleading and it’s what’s inside that counts. Or something. Not that he has much inside.

Anyway, this is a crazy rollercoaster-esque structure built within the Olympic park and offering a view over the surrounding area, including a little bit into the stadium itself. It’s meant to be a legacy build, which means now that the Olympics are over this should remain as a viewing platform/work of art for the foreseeable future. It’ll still cost £15 to get up it, I’m sure.

I’m sure most of my readers will be familiar with this artist’s works – even if you don’t know the name. In London he has created many public pieces over the years, including Sky Mirror (remember the shiny mirror near the Gherkin) and Marsyas which took over the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern a decade ago; outside of London you’ll probably recognise the Cloud Gate in Chicago, nicknamed ‘The Bean’ due to the shape.

For a more indepth look at this particular piece of work, check out the Orbit thought experiment.

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  1. Thanks for the answer to my comment yesterday and this additional shot. Now I know exactly what this is all about. This is a very interesting angle for your capture, too – I like it!

    1. Thanks Wolfgang – appreciate you dropping by, and voting for this image on the Photoblogs site 🙂

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