Olympic Park

I will admit it; when London won the 2012 Olympics I was very sceptical about it. I love this city, but I honestly did feel that they would have difficulty with the enormity of the task at hand, the influx of people on our excellent but very aged transport system, and of course on how they would follow on from Beijing.

Hiccups along the way – such as the countdown clock in Trafalgar Square stopping working, and the farce that was the ticketing system – did nothing to help matters.

This scepticism carried on through the start of this year until I suddenly realised that we could do it, and my dread of having so many people arriving in London at one time turned into excitement and anticipation. This is a once in a lifetime event, the atmosphere would be buzzing, and this little old town would be the heart of it.

It took me way too long to get tickets to anything, and even when I did manage to grab some a few weeks ago it was only for the Olympic Park and none of the actual sporting events, but finally on Saturday I was on my way to see the venue. It was pretty awesome.

There was a very jovial atmosphere, pretty similar to that of a music festival but without the drunken yobs. I spent 5 hours walking around what turned out to be a rather park, seeing some amazing contrails and light in the sky as the sun went down, having a few ciders, and of course taking a few photos. It’s just a pity I was only able to go there once, and that this was right at the end of it all.

Well done to all of the athletes, the representatives and the organisers. And well done London, you put on one hell of a show.


We’re photowalking London
I’m pleased to say that Jim Nix is heading back to London this week so there’s going to be a little photowalk on Saturday 15th September from 6pm. We’ll be starting around the Houses of Parliament, and who knows if we will be venturing far from there, and in which direction.

If you’re free, do come along – you can turn up on the day, but it’s always nice to sign up so you can do that on Google Plus or Facebook – hope to see you there.

8 thoughts on “Olympic Park”

  1. Really nice shot of the park – I was really impressed of what I saw from London at the Olympics! Would love to visit there someday, especially what that other Jim is there! would love to do a photowalk with you guys! Well done!

  2. Great shot of the stadium and the … – what exactly is the twisted roller-coaster?! Saw some interesting views on the TV coverage of the Olympics but must say that I think I like this view the best.

    1. The twisted roller coaster is the Orbit, art installation and viewing platform by Anish Kapoor. I disliked it originally, but up close I grew to love it. It’s going to remain in place as a legacy piece now the Olympics are over.

    1. Wow – that’s pretty hardcore; you certainly saw more of it than I did then! Hoping to have a few shots from around the park on the blog this week πŸ™‚

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