Past Times

Here’s a nice collection of The Times newspapers from the early 1900’s, but in book form. When I look at this scene I feel that 1911 and 1913 were pretty abused books, suggesting that they have been used for reference quite a lot; yet thinking back to major historical events that someone may wish to look up the news for, I can only think of the 1912 sinking of the Titanic…the volume in the middle.

I can’t remember the last time I sat and actually read a newspaper. Even watching a film in this day and age is not something I find I have the attention span for, unless I’m at the cinema. With smart phones, tablets and laptops around the place I simply find myself popping online to check email, or twitter, or flickr, or G+, or one of the many other enticing things on the web, instead of sitting down and actually concentrating on just one thing for several hours. Heck, I’ve checked my email and twitter while writing this post!

It’s only this year after moving home where I can’t walk to work that I have started to read books again, which I stopped doing for years, but only on the bus journey and only using the Kindle app on one of my devices. When I read the news it’s via a few websites or apps and seems to be me just flicking through everything and getting key parts of information without really digesting or considering it.

I’m all for technology and love my gadgets, but I do fear that my capacity for taking in information is now getting worse, as is my attention sp…ooh, I have a new mail on Flickr.