US Capitol

It was a busy morning of a working week when I visited this area of Washington DC. I was killing some time before going to a conference and decided I wanted to see the stretch of land from here to the Abraham Lincoln memorial. I was therefore quite surprised to find that there were so few people in this shot when I expected it to be pretty busy.

There were a lot of people behind me, and there was one security guard who was wandering around but I timed it so he was behind the fountain. Also, while I was down on one knee and composed a couple of Chinese tourists came in and started taking photos of themselves, completely oblivious that I was there (I find it rude, but am very patient normally – this would not be the case if I was shooting film rather than digital).

After a while they disappeared, though, and I was able to go ahead and get the shot I originally intended.

For this image I corrected the lens distortion in Lightroom, merged with Photomatix Pro with selective ghost removal on the flag, and then took it into CS6 for cropping and final adjustments. I used a couple of the NIK filters, namely Pro Contrast, and also several of the OnOneSoftware filters within Perfect Effect 3, these at varying degrees of opacity and brushing.

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The Perfect Photo Suite 7 is available for $299.95 for first time customers and $149.95 for previous owners of the Perfect Photo Suite. I went ahead and ordered my update last night and am looking forward to seeing what the new updates have to offer; it’s great software which has become an integral part of my workflow this year. Use the code MURPHYZ at checkout to get 10% off your order. Order from

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