The Shadow Hunter

Have I mentioned before how poor the light was in Austria due to the extreme heat, cloudless skies and nothing but the harsh sun bearing down on us? Yes…I thought I had. Just once or twice.

Well, when that happens you can take to the shadow areas, shoot at night or process in black and white. For this shot I did two of those things.

John and I were in Halstatt and were trying to find a place to have lunch; there are plenty of little alleys and little streets, and this one lead up to an Italian place that we didn’t bother going to. I was taking a few shots of this tunnelled archway when John started walking into view; I told him to walk towards me a few times, snapping away as he did so, and found a usable shot back home.

As with my Transition shot from Central Park I blew out the light areas in post; I also added John’s shadow to the scene.

I’m on the fence with this one, but it has grown on me since doing it – hope you like it, and if not, come back and view it again in case it does grow on you too.

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