Nelson's New Hat

It’s been a pretty big year for London. We’ve had the Queen’s Jubilee, and this was swiftly followed by the Olympics which will finish over this weekend.

One of the aspects of having all eyes on one city, and indeed the influx of visitors, is that there are often more of the quirky little things happening. We’re used to having large public displays of art, such as the Elephant Parade of Big Egg Hunt on our streets, and I love being a part of that. These kind of things have been non-stop this year though – which is to my liking.

In line with the elephants and eggs, the Olympic Mascots of Wenlock and Mandeville have been put out on the streets with about 80 statues of them being painted and put on display (I’ve taken photos of all of them but need to do the processing now). These mascots are still out on the streets until this weekend.

However, a less successful show were a set of around 20 or so hats that were placed onto famous statues around the city. They looked great, and whereas you would normally see a statue with a pigeon atop, instead they were replaced by flamboyant headwear. I say this was ‘less successful’ because the hats started to go missing. Some of them were on statues that people can climb up, which is unfortunate as they then stole them, even though the hats were oversized and not fit for humans.

I didn’t bother taking photos of all of them as hats started to go missing before I got the chance to get out there, so here’s one of the only ones I did take – atop of Nelson who sits on his nice high column. I guess being 50 odd meters in the air meant this one wasn’t going to be stolen by any drunks at least.

Though the hat isn’t shown in great detail here, it is the union flag with Olympic torch on it…a great way to celebrate both the Jubilee and the Olympics.

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    1. Thanks Conor. You’ve noticed the Wenlock and Mandeville statues to celebrate the Olympics though ri….wait…you’ve noticed the Olympics, yes?

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