On the last day of our trip to Austria we visited Hallstatt. It was a long drive, one which John was reluctant to do – however, as he had shown me a ‘classic’ view of this pretty town (see image above), I had it in my mind that I really did want to visit it. Yes, it was two and a half hours there, and yes that two and a half hours was in the wrong direction when we wanted to be in Munich later that day; but by Jove we drove and what a pretty little town it was.

We drove through the town and couldn’t find a parking spot that wasn’t a mile away, so headed back through the tunnels we had entered from and found a nice spot just outside the town, about a 10 minute walk, which led us straight down to the view you see here. It was such a bright day with very harsh light so it was difficult to get something great, but using Perfect Effects by OnOne Software helped me overcome the light quite a bit during processing.

After capturing this shot we hired a boat and went out onto this lake that you see so we could see the picturesque town from a few different angles. It was towards the end of the hour long boat trip that John realised he had left his camera on ISO 1600 from the star photography we were doing the night before – oopsy.

After the boat trip we wandered around the town a little and grabbed a nice spot of lunch, and a beer for me, before jumping back in the car and driving the lengthy trip back to Munich. I think it was well worth the detour.

It’s awesome to note that China have built a replica of Halstatt…yep, the entire town!

In other news I’ve just installed an excellent little plugin called ‘Display Exif’ by V.J.Catkick . If you hover over the images on my blog now you can see the key Exif data for that image. It’s a cool and slick little plugin that has escaped me until now. Enjoy.

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    1. Cheers Len, it was a very lovely town to visit. I would hate to live there though, I think, due to the tourism.

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