Krimml Falls

I think the only waterfall we found while in Austria was this one, Krimml falls. I think I read somewhere it was the 5th largest in the world; a huge cascading waterfall that sure took us some time and energy to walk up. This shot doesn’t do it justice, as you can only see a glimpse of the falls – however when we arrived it wasn’t too busy at the base where we are here and I found this lovely fallen tree that just seemed to be pointing itself at the falls. There is no way a photographer could pass up the opportunity to snap this natural leading line.

It took a little patience to get this shot as when I arrived on the scene the sun was a little too high in the sky and meant that each image I took had a shaft of light where the sun was hitting the sprary, and this did not go too well with the image. After 10 minutes or so, and with my moving a little closer down to the tree trunk, this disappeared and I was able to snap this shot.

I was using the 10stop black glass from B&W so exposed this scene for 25 seconds, allowing the waterfall to turn from the chaotic mass of crashing water into this nice and peaceful, silky smooth curtain.

2 thoughts on “Krimml Falls”

  1. Great image here Mike, you cant beat a good waterfall shot can you ? I like the way you have used the log to give you a lead into the waterfall blending together the foreground & the background.
    Waterfall Wednesday it is 🙂

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