Ski Lift

All of the ski lifts that I could see while in Austria have little signs on the masts, but unfortunately I couldn’t read the local language so didn’t know what they said. Ahem.

Logically, I thought, they would simply make sure the ladder doesn’t extend down to a reachable distance if they didn’t want anyone to climb them; therefore, up I went.

These things look like they would be pretty solid but were actually quite shaky structures when stood at the top; I left my camera down in the pitch black field and used my remote trigger to set of the exposure which lasted for 30 seconds.

Here’s the image John took while I was setting up for this shot, but just before I donned the hoodie and climbed the mast: Milky Way

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ski Lift”

  1. Cracking shot….. Can I ask what exact type of remote release you are using and if you’d recommend it? I’ve got a cable release but was thinking of upgrading but I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    1. Thanks Mara – I use the Phottix Plato and would very much recommend it. I’ve used it from pretty long distances without issue and, unlike my previous 2 wireless triggers, it’s always worked without fail.

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