Last week I made a trip down to Dungeness on the very South East coast of England. It’s a pretty peculiar place, and though I would say ‘each to their own’ I would have to question in this instance why anyone would possibly wish to live there.

One of the attractions for dropping by is that there are several old and decaying boats which have been left on the shore, and these were the purpose of the trip. They’re not very large, and they are pretty similar, but it’s still good to see them and take a few shots.

As usual, the weather wasn’t quite playing ball. I know I can go to places like Iceland and complain the weather wasn’t quite nice enough, but in this instance the weather was a little too nice. I really wanted to take some photos of the boats with large and fast moving clouds behind them where I could stick on the black glass and capture one of the boats with nice moving cloud cover.

Still, it was a good day out and I’m pleased to have finally made a trip there.

Today will be my last day in Austria, hope you all had a great weekend.