This was the final shot I took on the day trip out on Sunday.

I had managed to find myself travelling without a shutter release cable so I was stood on the beach as the sun was going down and using black glass, for which I had to manually hold the shutter down for several minutes. By the time I got around to this shot the sun had pretty much gone and I was able to remove the filter and simply use the usual AV for 30 seconds which had the desired affect.

I guess you don’t need fancy filters sometimes, you just need the right light as they say.

I’ve never really taken one of these minimalist shots before, but follow a few people on Flickr who specialise in them. I have a lot to learn about the process. I also feel that the composition on this could have worked out much better, which I guess was my fault entirely.

I’m off to Austria tomorrow for a long weekend so will schedule a few posts for Friday and Monday while I’m absent.

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