My Name is Sydney

On Sunday John and I took a day’s road trip on a whirlwind tour of the South East coast; his Australian Cattle dog, Sydney, joined us on the trip.

Our first stop was at the Mayfield Lavender Farm which I had always wanted to drop by and visit; it’s really close to London but can take ages to drive there due to the London roads.

For this shot I was lying down on the ground with bees buzzing around me; John had Sydney sit in place and wait there while I snapped away.

Such a recently taken image being processed also means that I am now the proud father owner of a MacBook Pro. It’s very shiny! Unfortunately the external drives I had been using for the PC cannot be written to by the Mac and so need to be formatted for use. This means I have around 6TB of data floating around on 6 drives with a maximum capacity of 7TB. That’s a lot of data to be juggling around, and it takes quite a while to physically move so much from one drive to another. I’m prioritising the photo drives before moving on to the media ones.


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  1. Good luck with the file management Mile – I’m sure it will be worth it in the long run! Sydney looks to be quite comfortable in front of the camera and makes a wonderful model! Great colors and selective focus/dof!

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