Southbank View

London’s Southbank is a very popular spot. It’s a great stretch of the Thames to walk down, starting from Westminster Bridge where you can see the Houses of Parliament and ‘Big Ben’ you pass the London Eye (lit up in blue here), the Royal Festival Hall, the BFI, the National Theatre and eventually hit the OXO tower. Just behind Waterloo bridge, the main bridge featured in this image and my favourite in London for the night time view, you also have the IMAX and Waterloo Station.

Over on the very left of the image you also see a silhouette of King’s Reach Tower which my regular readers will be familiar with as one of my favourite rooftops and views of London, which is where I had been on this particular night to watch a firework show (unfortunately followed by being escorted off the premises by the boys in blue and no return journeys since).

So anyway, this is me stood on the edge as usual, the fisheye in use to get the distortion.

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