A Prayer for Solitude

The churches all look pretty similar in Iceland. I think they found a design that they liked and ran with it.

As we were driving along a very long stretch of road from Jökulsárlón to Höfn I saw a church in the distance, and then went through a mental checklist I had.

Is there a church? Yes
Is it at the foot of a mountain? Yes
Are there clouds or mist covering parts of the mountain? Yes..well..kinda. Mostly covering really.
Is it raining? No

Sweet, let’s go over there and check it out.

John did the driving in Iceland, as I don’t drive (or as I pointed out at one stage, I’ve told him I don’t drive and this could just be a clever ploy for me to avoid doing any of the driving on our photo trips), and wasn’t too sure if we were driving on to private property – his priority was getting to the nearest town to find a public convenience and not detour for a guy who had just been reciting a checklist aloud in the car.

It’s not private, I assured him without really caring if it was, and we drove up to the church.

John was relieved there (literally), he had been praying for a restroom and it turns out that little hut to the left of the church was a toilet…and by far the nicest one we found on the journey.

I would have liked a little more of a break in the dark clouds, but am happy with the scene and glad we took the detour.

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