Icelandic Horse

When in Iceland I thought I had to take a photo of one of their horses…I’m not sure how you can go there and not do so really. However, there were a couple of attempts to do this, one more successful than the other.

When looking for horses I always wanted to have an nice backdrop – a scene to place them in. The first group of horses I found had just that, a lovely mountain range in the background with mist over the mountains – perfect.

We pulled up at the side of the road and I tried to get the attention of the horses who were busy doing horse-like things, eating grass, and one was chasing a sheep.

I called over to them, but they didn’t come.

I held out some fresh long green grass from my side of the fence, but they didn’t come.

I shook the fence to see if that got their attention, but I got an electric shock.

They still didn’t come.

I moved on to a neighbouring field and the horses in there were a little better at getting closer, but still none of them were very friendly to us and didn’t pose very well for photographs, and so we moved on.

Just outside Vik there was another field with four horses in it, one was a lovely white horse that just looked great in the middle of a field with mountains in the background. Again we stopped the car and went over to the horses. These ones were a little too keen, and as soon as we got near to them they started walking towards us and ruining the shots that were in mind.

They were very friendly though, and were happy to be petted and have their photo taken. This is where I took the one above.

Here’s a copy of the unprocessed shot which I find is a nice comparison:
Icelandic Horse - original

Also, just for a bit of fun – here’s a snap of me and the horse together taken by John, and the resulting shot I took of the horses cheesy grin while the horse was attempting to nibble on my camera.

Horse - murphyz


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  1. Hi, I actually prefer the unprocessed image to the main one, which feels over-cooked. Despite that, I am envious of your ability to remove the second horse and wire fence. Great work.

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