Swan Lake

Okay, so I admit calling this one ‘Swan Lake’ may be a stretch. Yes, it was more of a pond than a lake, and for all I know that could be a goose rather than a swan. ‘Goose Pond’ just doesn’t sound as nice though.

I loved how the mist was teasing its way through the mountains while in Iceland; this appeared to be the only real plus side to the weather we had when there. I loved the frost on the ground making everything nice and crisp and fresh also….or at least I would have done if that was frost; this shot was taken at around 9pm and for some reason the moss always seemed silvery rather than the lush green you would expect.

It was super comfy to lie down on though.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was spent very lazily catching up on sleep and watching the three Nolan Batman movies, I wrote a little review of the BlackRapid RS-4 Strap, and I made a chicken pie. Oh, and of course the Olympics started so I have watched some of that – really enjoyed the opening ceremony. You?

One thought on “Swan Lake”

  1. Swan Pond doesn’t sound as nice as Swan Lake, so I would stick to your current title. Interesting fact about the moss. If you had not said anything I would have thought it was dew or frost which caused the grey/silver tones.

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