This scene (again from Iceland, as all will be this week) was taken at the very South West of the island. This area had many craters of bubbling mud, and you can see the thermals rising from these in the distance on this image. The air was ripe with sulphur, which got worse as we progressed through this scene. We also appeared to get closer to nesting birds (a regular occurrence on this trip) who tried to ward us off with shrill cries and low flying manoeuvres.

The shot itself is an odd one looking back at it and thinking of how things appeared on the scene. The cracks on this image look quite large and somewhat cavernous, when they were not. I used the 14mm lens aimed at the cracks immediately in front of me and shooting at an angle. This meant I could maintain a viewing angle that looks like I’m standing but also get low enough to make the cracks appear to be quite large. The vignette blur that you see in the bottom of the frame is mostly from camera, with Focal Point (by OnOneSoftware) used to clean up a little and replicate at the top of the shot.

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  1. I wouldn’t dare to take a photo like this. This looks like a scene in a movie where a monster comes out of the land. 🙂

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