Golden Falls

This is Gullfoss, or Golden Falls if you want the English translation.

As many of you will know, I have just been on a trip to Iceland – and what a wonderfully pretty place it is. We had better weather than expected, as it wasn’t raining all day every day, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get much decent light in the sky even around the sunrise/sunset periods on this trip.

We stopped at these falls on the last night of the trip, and it was an unplanned stop where we decided to simply rock up as it was so close to the nearby Geyser. We had seen showers coming and going all day, and at this stage there were some awesome rainclouds in the sky, hopefully one of those images will follow at a later date.

There was nobody at this location, partially due to the time of day (it was midnight), and partially due to the weather (the wind was super, super strong). Though I was on a tripod it was being moved by the wind, so I wedged it in between a few rocks, stood as best as I could to block it from the onslaught and shoot brackets. In the end I just processed this using the single exposure as there was too much movement otherwise.

A huge thanks to John who organised and drove on the trip. I have no idea how he stayed awake while I was sat in the passenger side, head lulling, but it’s very much appreciated.

Update 06 December 2012
Here’s a workflow video which I have recorded for on the processing of this image.

4 thoughts on “Golden Falls”

  1. Beautiful shot. I’m very jelous at you being able to visit Iceland. I’d love to go and I’m looking forward to seeing more shots 🙂

  2. This place is astounding and as always the weather is a major factor in getting a good shot. I was there Easter Weekend 2012 and the local ‘climate’ was a thick dense spray from the falling water so made it almost impossible to do brackets as the lens so quickly soaked. Great to see just how one raw can turn out altho I recall this place was soaking on the day – beautiful shot – is there a tut on this?

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