I knew of this statue, and the building it was near, when I went to New York – but it wasn’t one of the items on my ‘must shoot’ list. I had forgotten all about it until I happened to stumble upon it.

I had spent the night before this was taken at the Top of the Rock taking a few skyline photos, I saw no sign of the statue – out of sight out of mind. On the morning this was taken I had walked, in a hungover state, through Central Park. The sun was hot, and I was unprotected from the harsh rays, so I decided to stop by at the Rockefeller on my way to Grand Central Station so that I could pick up a baseball cap I had seen the night before in the gift shop, thereby being able to protect myself from further sun damage and also cement my status as a tourist.

On the way out of the giftshop I took a different street exit than I had previously, and found myself at this statue.

While inside the Rockefeller I also thought caffeine would be a good idea, so had grabbed a cup of coffee. As a result this shot was 3 brackets taken handheld with just one hand, which made me realise just how heavy the 5d Mark II can be when you try and take a steady set of brackets without at least a second hand for support.

In other news, tomorrow I’m off to Iceland.