Cloud Cover

I headed back to the British Museum on Friday lunchtime as it’s just behind my office and I had taken delivery of a 14mm lens which I’ve rented for Iceland. The widest I had previously shot was 16mm using the Sigma 10-20 on a cropped frame, or the Canon 16-35 on the full frame, but since getting the 5d Mark II I’ve been shooting 97% of stuff using the 24-70.

Boy I forgot how good a wide angle was!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back from Iceland wanting this lens, so I guess the question is when I will get it…and if it’s worth waiting until this time next year when the 14-24 will (hopefully) be on the shelves. Saying that, if I had the 14mm prime, would there really be any situation where I would need to shoot at 19mm, or any of the other ranges from 15-23? Probably not, and if I did – surely that’s where the crop tool would come in handy.

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