Shard Tower

As you will all know by now, I’m fascinated with the Shard. It’s a cool building that I’ve now shot from the ground, from the air and from various vantages points of different heights all around London. Unfortunately I missed the boat in going up there with a few Urbexers, mostly due to my own laziness.

They had a laser show last night to celebrate the external completion of the building. For me it was a little disappointing, very repetitive and not much actually happening – it went on a little too long. However I bet anyone who worked on the construction of it felt differently, and for them it must have been a way for them to reflect and think of a job well done. If they’re not sick of the sight of it by now.

Today tickets go on sale for the View From The Shard which will allow you access to floors 69-72 and will offer a very nice view from London. Tickets cost 5p under £25 for adults and £19 for concessions, and though tickets are on sale now they don’t open until February 1st – I still think this is a shame with the Olympics round the corner.

edit to add At this time the Shard ticket website is down, and they are unable to accept payments due to a glitch. People always underestimate how popular these things are going to be 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shard Tower”

  1. This is an inspired composition, Mike. As amazing as this building is, the usual shot of the side just does not seem to work for me. This one really does work, especially with the awnings to the left and right acting as a frame to the main tower.

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