I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I didn’t do too much with mine; working both days, but then finding time to head to the cinema on Saturday to see Moonrise Kingdom (pretty enjoyable), followed by watching the Euro 2012 final last night.

This image was taken with the NEX-7 in Prague. The little street was in between the main ‘old town square’, where the football was being shown on a large TV, and my hotel. As I was walking back to my hotel one morning after visiting the Astronomical Clock Tower I liked how it looks without anyone walking through it and grabbed a quick set of brackets – I only had time for a couple of shots before the flow of tourist traffic started again.

I found the NEX exposures to be a little on the light side, and with auto stops of just .7 there was not much dynamic range in them. In the end I took the normal exposure down a stop in Lightroom, and the underexposed down by 2 stops, and then just put those two through photomatix. Within Photoshop/Nik/OnOne I added a bit of light over the blown out areas to enhance the sun appearance and added a little bit of blur with focal point. In the end I was quite happy with this quaint scene as the result.